Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are ‘NVQs’ and ‘CVQs’?

    Wouldn’t it be useful to have standardised frameworks to assess workers’ education, experience and earned skills? NVQs and CVQs do just that, operating on a national and regional level respectively.

    CVQs are Caribbean Vocational Qualifications. They provide a regional certification scheme that facilitates easier transfer of skilled workers within the CMSE and across various industries. It’s a standardised assessment of qualifications that make it easier for human resource professionals to assess potential employees.

    NVQs are National Vocational Qualifications. They are provided by individual territories and offer a standardised framework to support employers and skilled workers across various industries.

    Both NVQs and CVQs are competency-based qualifications which anyone may be eligible for, regardless of education level. You are assessed by trained professionals based on the knowledge and skills you’ve earned while learning or working.

  2. What is the CCSLC?

    The Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC), which will be accessible to all graduates of secondary school. It was created as a regional certification to standardise secondary education, and some of the competencies it assesses include critical thinking, oral and written communication, mathematical literacy and social skills.

  3. Does the Skills for the Future give out qualifications?

    No. Qualifications such as the NVQs, CVQs, or CCSLC are awarded by various educational, technical or vocational institutions. Our objectives are to strengthen these institutions in their ability to award qualifications, as well as support potential workers and employees in their readiness to receive qualifications, thereby improving their ability to the workforce or develop their existing career.

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