The Components

Component 1: Support for an employer-driven training System
This component seeks to better align the supply of training with market demand, loan resources will be used to manage and operate a pilot competency-based training fund (CBTF) under the oversight of the Technical and Vocational, Education and Training Council (TVETC).
Competency-Based training in Barbados
What is the CBTF?
CBTF Winning partnerships
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Component II: Improving the quality and relevance of secondary and post-secondary education
Component 2 is aimed at improving the quality and relevance of education and training among secondary and post secondary institutions. Component activities are focussed on continued improvement of the teaching of core skills and life skills to secondary and post-secondary students. These activities include:

  • School Improvement Grant Initiative
  • Support for improving the teaching of core skills
  • Consultancy Services

A Ganar Pilot Program

Component III: Institutional Strengthening
This component seeks to support the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Labour, Human Resource Development and Social Policy, and the Erdiston Teacher Trainer’s College in the following areas:
Business Plan Development: Development and subsequent implementation of institutional business plans for post-secondary institutions focusing specifically on evaluation of current programs and their alignment to the needs of businesses. Additionally this Business Plan will assess and guide institutions toward the needed steps involved in achieving accreditation from the Barbados Accreditation Council. This sub-component will also involve the improvement and repair of the physical infrastructure of selected post-secondary institutions through the procurement of relevant goods and the execution of various civil works.
Leadership Training and capacity building: the program will offer leadership training to principals of the twelve (12) aforementioned secondary schools as well as post-secondary institutions in change management, new program planning and competency based program development concepts, environmental sustainability for institutional efficiency and HR re-training and planning.
Support for improved data and information systems in relevant Ministries: the program will support the development and implementation of at least four (4) employer surveys to identify skill gaps and occupational trends in hospitality, international business and financial services, manufacturing subsectors, and emerging industries. This subsector will also involve the execution of new tracer studies for graduates of secondary schools and post-secondary TVET institutions, and the assessment and analysis of the counselling and guidance systems in secondary and post-secondary institutions.
Component IV: Communication Campaign
Loan resources will be used to finance a communications strategy to disseminate information on the objectives of the loan, promote the development and implementation of NVQ and CVQ, and to raise the overall profile of TVET in Barbados.